• Postgrad in International Trade Management 2015. Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala. Guatemala.
  • M.Sc. Global Studies: A European Perspective 2013. ROSKILDE UNIVERSITY, Denmark
  • M.A. Global Studies  2012. LEIPZIG UNIVERSITÄT, Germany
  • M.A. Social Sciences Candidate. UNIVERSIDAD FRANCISCO MARROQUIN, Guatemala
  • B.A. International Relations with a specialization in International Commerce 2008. UNIVERSIDAD FRANCISCO MARROQUIN, Guatemala


  • Power 30 under 30™ Award Nominee for the year 2012. The Apex Society. New York City.
  • Erasmus Mundus Scholar 2012-2013. European Commission of the European Union.
  • Conference Scholar.  OCON 2010.  Ayn Rand Institute.  Las Vegas, Nevada.  July 01-11, 2010.
  • 2nd. Place. Essay Contest “Voces de Libertad”. of Cato Institute. 2008.
  • Article Published. Pineda Rodas, Luis Guillermo. Parishes fail to market Catholicism to Hispanics. National Catholic Reporter. January 19, 2007. p.5a


  • Charles G. Koch Fellowship.  Koch Foundation. Institute for Humane Studies. Washington, DC. June-August, 2006.


  • Pineda Rodas, Luis Guillermo.  (2012, July 01) “History of Capitalism II”.  Paper presented at the Atlas Society Summit, Washington, DC.
  • Pineda Rodas, Luis Guillermo.  (2012, June 30) “History of Capitalism I”.  Paper presented at the Atlas Society Summit, Washington, DC.
  • Pineda Rodas, Luis Guillermo. (2012, June 26) “A New History of Capitalism.” Paper presented at the Scholarship and a Free Society Conference, Towson, MD.


  • Course: “Atlas Shrugged and Objectivist Philosophy”. Center for the Study of Capitalism.  UFM, GUATEMALA. September, 2009-August, 2011
    • Taught more than 100 classes to 105 high school students in Guatemala City.
  • Course: “The Fountainhead and Objectivist Philosophy”. Center for the Study of Capitalism.  UFM, GUATEMALA. September, 2009-August, 2011
    • Taught 256 classes to 426 high school students in Guatemala City.
  • Course: “Philosophy Book Club”. Center for the Study of Capitalism.  UFM, GUATEMALA. September, 2009-August, 2011
    • Taught 75 classes to 732 college and high school students in Guatemala City on the books Not a Zero Sum Game by Manuel Ayau, Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt, Common Sense Economics by Charles Murray, Human Action by Ludwig von Mises, The Law by Frederic Bastiat, and a dozen of Classical Fiction Books.
  • Course: “Research Strategies for EBSCO, Xrefer, Ovid, Oxford Reference Online and Project Muse”. Ludwig von Mises Library, GUATEMALA. March 2005, February 2007.
    • Taught  86 sessions on how to do advanced research on online databases for college students.
  • Course: “Historical and Political Geography”. Teacher Assistant of Prof. Glenn Cox. Universidad Francisco Marroquin, GUATEMALA. January, 2004 – June, 2004.



INGRUP. Oct 2016 – To date. Strategic Planning Manager.

Strategic Planning focused on countries, categories and products that create value and have higher growth potential in the long term for a Multimillion-Dollar Corporation formed by 11 different companies in 7 different countries, with +1,500 employees and +1,000 different products.

Clarifying the stages of the strategic planning process. Process facilitation, advising planning team members and other managers during the strategy development, assisting in the implementation of strategy. Macroeconomic presentations and analysis for Management positions.

Point of contact to have general understanding of overall business including market trends and analytics. Provide consulting and interpretation of market and consumer/customer research data to the organization.

GUATEMALAN EXPORTERS ASSOCIATION. Sept 2014 – Sept 2016. Executive Coordinator.
Gatekeeper for the Board of Directors and 61 Member companies of the Plastics’ Industry At AGEXPORT (Guatemalan Exporters Association). Coordinator of the Recycling Comittee. Coordinador of the Plasticulture Comittee. Coordinator of the Market Intelligence Committee. Representative of the Plastics Sector in International Negotiations of Trade Agreements and Environmental Negotiations. Coordinator of the “Bandera Verde” environmental certificate. Managing and leading environmental educational and training programs that foster global sustainability. Implementation of 3Rs and environmental programs countrywide. Managing, planning and coordination of international and local conferences, business meetings and industrial conferences. Manager of the brand equity of the Plastic and Recycling Industry. Responsible for providing comprehensive organizational and administrative support to the Board of Directors and Members within the organization. Responsible for building and maintaining good working relationships with other Industrial Sectors, NGOs, IOs and Governments.
GLOBALIZATION STRATEGY CONSULTANTS. July 2013 – Present. Principal Consultant.

We help companies and organizations grow their international businesses and gain access to new markets and new customers through extensive research, reports, and analysis. As partners with our clients we advise them how to employ best practices and use knowledge, culture, language, content management, and other enterprise technology to meet their global business objectives or overcome problems in doing so.

Our capabilities may be used to provide strategic guidance to your organization with regard to translation technology, content management infrastructure, market expansion, market interconnection and global technologies, and the enablement of business processes for multilingual and multinational interactions. We provide guidance during selection and procurement as well providing highly expert technical assistance, training and feedback.

CORP. KIOSCOS Y TIENDAS. Guatemala, GUA. March, 2009-2011. Stores Manager

Managed 10 kiosks of technology gadgets and accessories. Leaded a team of 23 sellers in kiosks. Grew the business from 3 kiosks to 10 kiosks in a period of 1.5 years. Teach customer service strategies to kiosk sellers and provided customer assistance. Managed the imports of the company and controlled inventory. Leaded payment of imports taxes and form controls. Met the targets and earning profits for the 2009-2011 behind growing the business to record sales of 600% increase in the cellphone targets and 400% increase in the telecom accessories’ targets. Recruited employees for the stores. Leaded the company’s equity and architecture of the design of the new kiosks.

CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF CAPITALISM, UFM. Guatemala, GUA – September, 2009-August, 2011. Executive Director & Founder                                                                                                                    

Lead a group of dialogue instructors and administrative activities.  Lead book clubs on Philosophy of Liberty and Austrian Economic subjects. Managed the budget and new processes of the Center.  Trained employees on human resource and administrative activities.  Conducted extensive educational programs with high school students in Guatemala to promote a philosophy of life (more than 150 dialogues). Leaded the introduction of information technology services in the practice of socratic dialogues.  Prepared reports of projects to the Board of Directors.

Key Achievements:

  • Founder of the Center for the Study of Capitalism with the sponsorship of Universidad Francisco Marroquín’s Board of Directors.
  • Lead more than 400 socratic dialogue sessions with more than 1000 students of high school, college and young entrepreneurs in Guatemala.
  • Organization and production of progress report to the Board of Directors and Donors.
  • Advised on the implementation of information technology services in conferences and dialogue.
  • Procured office equipment, budget control and supplies and managed inventory for entire Center.

LUDWIG VON MISES LIBRARY. Guatemala, GUA – January,2008-July, 2009. Head Collection Development                                                                              

Lead Collection Development. Analyze community and library data to determine areas of the collection which needed updating. Selected materials to update the collection. Managed and maintained collection. Identified items in collections and donations. Described and documented, facilitated access and use of exhibits collection. Provided assistance to patrons including topical research and material location. Assisted patrons with the use of library resources and equipment. Screened the collection for outdated or unused materials following established guidelines. Elaborated and implemented new Collection Development Guidelines. Performed managerial and administrative duties with Online Resources.

Key Achievements:

  • Elaborated and implemented new Collection Development Guidelines for the Library.
  • Advised on the implementation of Reference Desk technologies via live chat and videoconference.
  • Advised on the modification of the website to a wiki based system.
  • Reviewed the most relevant areas of the Library Collection in order to update its content and increase the use per book.
  • Advised on the acquisition of new online databases for uses in education, medicine, architecture, economics and core sciences.

PROCTER AND GAMBLE, Santiago, Chile – March-December, 2007. Trainee Ass. Brand Manager                                                                                                                      

Chosen as the first Latin American Talent Intern to join the company in the Marketing Global Business Unit. Delivered Company’s earnings, sales and commitments for the FY08-09 by developing strategies for the Latin America Family Care Business. Building global leadership brands that improved consumers’ well-being. Owner of Charmin’s equity as an Ass. Brand Manager. Leaded brand innovation and four competitive innovation initiatives for Latin America. Leveraged consumer knowledge to create innovative business plans. Built Charmin’s brand equity and developed the brand in the marketing plans for Latin America. Leaded Budget Management for the Brand in Latin America. Collaborated with Marketing Development Organizations in Mexico.

Key Achievements:

  • Leaded four competitive innovations in Latin America that delivered sales and commitments for the FY08-09.
  • Manage a zero deficiencies Budget Management during the FY08-09 for the Brand in Latin America ($10 million dollar budget).
  • Collaborated in the leverage of consumer knowledge with the implementation of new Consumer Market Knowledge programs in Mexico.

LUDWIG VON MISES LIBRARY, Guatemala, GUA – March, 2005- February, 2007. Bibliographer and Reference Librarian Supervisor                                                  

Supervise and manage the work of a group of six Reference Librarians. Research guidance provider, guide through the research process and showing how to use the library reference tools (EBSCO, Xrefer, Ovid, Oxford Reference Online and Project Muse) to the visitors. Realize guided tours of the Library.  Create and compile Library’s web page of History and Philosophy of Liberty.   Bibliographer, evaluate and recommend new acquisitions of books for the Library’s collection. Teacher for the course: “Researching skills” course to students of UFM.

Key Achievements:

  • Establishing hiring standards for the Reference Librarian Desk.  Creating processes of evaluation for the Reference Librarian position.
  • Development of the areas of History, Philosophy and Political Theory for the catalog as Bibliographer.
  • Creation of reference guides online for the Library.
  • Creating the course of Research Skills and teaching it to all the freshmen year students (>500 students) at Universidad Francisco Marroquin.

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